Made with a combination of ancient Indian wisdom & CBD science

Pure & Potent Skincare

Maharindee is our Vitabotanical™-infused, CBD-powered skin care line that is cruelty-free, meticulously sourced, and sustainable–for you and our planet. 

The Maharindee Difference






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Giving Back

2.5% and Then Some

We commit 2.5% percent of all sales to support girls and women in need, globally.


"Inspired by ancient Indian wisdom and infused with broad spectrum CBD, this serum and moisturizer combo are true glow-getters. The serum, which is beloved by celebrities including , smells particularly divine and imparts an instant glow — not to mention, a percentage of every purchase is donated to organizations that advocate for girls and women across the globe."

"In addition to the 100 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, the Maharindee The Change Maker Super Serum ($70) is also loaded with tried-and-true essential oils like jojoba, sweet almond, and grapeseed to give skin a hit of hydration. Plus, a little goes a long way — we found that all you need is one or two drops."

"The founder of Maharindee is an Indian woman who blends her family's love for I-Beauty with new CBD science, and the result is a natural brand that deeply nourishes and babies your skin until it's softer, smoother, and glowier."

Maharindee The Change Maker Face Serum Why I Love It: "My skin loves all-natural products, and with CBD, Squalane oil (my total secret weapon oil), Sweet Almond oil, Argan, and Grapeseed oil among the ingredients, this new gentle serum is life-changing. I plop on a few drops before jade rolling and it's seriously a spa experience at home." —Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

Bobbi Brown's Holiday Gift Guide: "Inspired by Ayurveda, this serum is made with pure CBD oil and a signature blend of Vitabotanicals to give skin a natural glow. It's a good gift for someone looking to balance and brighten skin."

"I use this several times/week with my Gua Sha it's so fantastic the scent the feel, etc. they nailed it...The brand story is great too!"


We create products inspired by ancient plant-based skincare, rooted in Ayurveda, paired with our broad spectrum CBD compound. While CBD may seem like the latest thing in skin care, using Cannabissativa L in topical preparations to treat a variety of skin conditions dates back centuries throughout the world.

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Maharindee is at the cutting edge of the beauty industry -- understanding that women want authentic beauty products and leadership that is more diverse and reflects who they are inside and out.

Alexandra Grant, Artist & Philanthropist

I have waited so long for a product like Maharindee that makes me feel beautiful inside and out! With Shona as the founder, I know that it’s supported by innovative women who make quality and diversity a priority.

Kiva Davis, Professional Health & Fitness Expert

I'm so happy to have discovered Maharindee - a sublime experience! It makes me feel deeply hydrated and I have that #mahaglow. With its silky texture and delicious fragrance, I can feel it nourishing my skin. I look forward to applying it every morning. Thank you Maharindee!

China Forbes, Lead Singer of Pink Martini

Maharindee blends both Eastern and Western elements to create a fresh beauty product that makes you feel your best!

Leena Pendharkar, Writer, Director & Producer

Maharindee is the brainchild of entrepreneur Shona Gupta, who is the epitome of elegance. I’m so proud to promote this ultimate brand in beauty.

Catherine Park, Entrepreneur & Activist

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