Made with a combination of ancient Indian wisdom & CBD science

Pure & Potent Skincare

Maharindee is our Vitabotanical™-infused, CBD-powered skin care line that is cruelty-free, meticulously sourced, and sustainable–for you and our planet. 

The Maharindee Difference






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Giving Back

2.5% and Then Some

We commit 2.5% percent of all sales to support girls and women in need, globally.


In addition to the 100 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, the Maharindee The Change Maker Super Serum ($70) is also loaded with tried-and-true essential oils like jojoba, sweet almond, and grapeseed to give skin a hit of hydration. Plus, a little goes a long way — we found that all you need is one or two drops.

"The founder of Maharindee is an Indian woman who blends her family's love for I-Beauty with new CBD science, and the result is a natural brand that deeply nourishes and babies your skin until it's softer, smoother, and glowier."

Maharindee The Change Maker Face Serum Why I Love It: "My skin loves all-natural products, and with CBD, Squalane oil (my total secret weapon oil), Sweet Almond oil, Argan, and Grapeseed oil among the ingredients, this new gentle serum is life-changing. I plop on a few drops before jade rolling and it's seriously a spa experience at home." —Roberta Correia, Editorial Director

Bobbi Brown's Holiday Gift Guide: "Inspired by Ayurveda, this serum is made with pure CBD oil and a signature blend of Vitabotanicals to give skin a natural glow. It's a good gift for someone looking to balance and brighten skin."

Janet Gunn's Holiday Beauty Guide: "Maharindee - Each transformative drop nourishes skin with a powerful blend of pure CBD oil and vital botanicals to calm, correct, brighten and balance."

"I use this several times/week with my Gua Sha it's so fantastic the scent the feel, etc. they nailed it...The brand story is great too!"


We create products inspired by ancient plant-based skincare, rooted in Ayurveda, paired with our broad spectrum CBD compound. While CBD may seem like the latest thing in skin care, using Cannabissativa L in topical preparations to treat a variety of skin conditions dates back centuries throughout the world.

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Maharindee is at the cutting edge of the beauty industry -- understanding that women want authentic beauty products and leadership that is more diverse and reflects who they are inside and out.

Alexandra Grant, Artist & Philanthropist

I have waited so long for a product like Maharindee that makes me feel beautiful inside and out! With Shona as the founder, I know that it’s supported by innovative women who make quality and diversity a priority.

Kiva Davis, Professional Health & Fitness Expert

I'm so happy to have discovered Maharindee - a sublime experience! It makes me feel deeply hydrated and I have that #mahaglow. With its silky texture and delicious fragrance, I can feel it nourishing my skin. I look forward to applying it every morning. Thank you Maharindee!

China Forbes, Lead Singer of Pink Martini

Maharindee blends both Eastern and Western elements to create a fresh beauty product that makes you feel your best!

Leena Pendharkar, Writer, Director & Producer

Maharindee is the brainchild of entrepreneur Shona Gupta, who is the epitome of elegance. I’m so proud to promote this ultimate brand in beauty.

Catherine Park, Entrepreneur & Activist

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